About University

About University

 Toros University was founded by the Mersin Education Foundation (MEV) in 2009 and it's the last link of the Private Toros Schools Group education tradition, established in 1964. Toros University started its activities by accepting its first students in the 2010-2011 academic year.

With its responsibility and experience from its past, it is not just a university today; being the name of an idea and a culture, Toros University, as a city university in Mersin, the pearl of the Eastern Mediterranean, with its campuses in the city center, is walking fast towards its goals with the slogan "Beyond Education, In The Life".

 Within Toros University; there are Faculty of Fine Arts, Design and Architecture, Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Health Sciences, Healthcare Vocational School, School of Foreign Languages and Vocational School and Graduate Education Institute. In the academic units of our university; it provides education in 17 undergraduate, 21 associate degree and 13 graduate departments/programs.

With its physical infrastructure equipped with modern technology and strong academic staff, Toros University offers its students with the vision of "an internationally recognized university that contributes to the design of the future"; equipping it with a learning brain and inquiring thinking skills; it aims to educate students as strong supporters of contemporary and universal values ​​and ethical values, who contribute to scientific, technological and cultural inventions at the international level, sensitive to regional and global problems.

Collaborating with the important industries and sectors in our region and Mersin, from updating the curriculum of all departments and programs to opening a new department/program; in the planning and implementation of all activities such as Education-Training, Research-Development, Community Service; The decisions are made together with the "Advisory Boards" consisting of sector representatives, graduates, students and academicians. As a result of this strong cooperation; in all departments of the Faculty of Engineering, Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences, Health Sciences affiliated to our university, "Intern Engineering or Vocational Education" and "Workplace Training Practice" in 20 programs within the Vocational Schools are carried out successfully and students take a huge step against 'inexperience in their own fields" before starting their employments.

In our School of Foreign Languages, with its strong academic staff, the language of instruction of the departments affiliated to our Engineering and FEAS Faculties is "English" in order to provide our students with communication skills that enable them to compete with the world. In addition, thanks to the "Erasmus Exchange" program at the undergraduate level and the "Internship Mobility" programs at the associate degree and undergraduate level, our students have educational and professional experience opportunities in the EU countries.

In the 2021-2022 academic year, Toros University added the academic fields of "Department of Psychology (English)" within the Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences, "Department of Gastronomy and Culinary Arts" within the Faculty of Fine Arts, Design and Architecture, and "Computer Programming" within the Vocational School to its academic body.

International Symposium on Sustainable Logistics

Toros University

June 23-24, 2022

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