Sub Themes

Supply Chain Management in an Environment of Uncertainty

Industry and Sustainability

Foreign Trade and Sustainability

Business Administration and Sustainability

Zero Pollution, Non-Toxic Environment

Affordable, Clean and Safe Energy

Industry for a Clean and Circular Economy

Energy and Resource Efficient Buildings

Regional Competitiveness and Regional Development

Entrepreneurship and Economic growth

Organized industrial and Specialized industrial zones

Small and Medium Sized Enterprises And Logistics

Society 5.0

Other Issues within the Scope of Sustainability

Sub Themes

Sustainability in Logistics

The Green Deal

Green Logistic, Environment and Sustainability

Supply chain management (SCM)

Industry 4.0 and Logistic 4.0

Sectoral Applications at Logistic and SCM (Food, Automotive, Textile, Electronics etc.)

Humanitarian Assistance / Disaster Logistics

Analyses of Logistic Investments

Marketing and Logistics

Intermodal Transport and Sustainability

Urban Logistics

Intelligent Transportation Systems

Reverse Logistics and Sustainability

Relationship between Freight Villages and Environment

International Symposium on Sustainable Logistics

Toros University

April 30, 2021

Symposium Dates